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  • To put our best foot forward, we take one step at a time and don’t skip any of them. Want an impeccable experience through an ideal travel plan? Share your specifications and aspirations with AMS. Our trained, skilled, and experienced staff will carve a distinct and ideal package, suiting your needs. Need suggestions on which place to visit? Our team of industry veterans, who are adept in extensive research, will recommend customized package and places for your travel needs. Even for events, we have a methodical approach to organize it as per your specifications.
  • Neither do we make half-baked cakes nor do we serve them. A perfectly cooked and sweetened dessert works the best for us- serving and enjoying the experience of it. We are all ears to our customers. The professional team at AMS lets you do to the talking. This helps us in the comprehensive planning of the event. Why this is crucial? To ensure each event turns out to be hassle-free, ultimate, enriching, and memorable, a careful and deep analysis and planning is undertaken. We listen to our customers and then strive to excel in their expectations.
  • Time to boast off (just a little bit…. With proofs). All our clients are sspecial. We do not mix and match because we don’t like it. A happy and contented face is our greatest reward. In a bid to provide nothing short than the best for you and your project, we offer various customer-centric schemes like customized packages, free venue selection service, and round-the-clock support etc.

Want proofs? Our existing clients speak generously about our dedicated team and its prompt and swift assistance and the quality services we offer. These clients become patrons as they come back again for a serene travel experience, personalized attention and assistance, and discrete deals.

As they say, try it to believe it. Whether you have a national or international event, we have the industry experts and meticulously trained staff to take care of your comprehensive needs, right from venue searching to catering and complete schedule planning. For an unforgettable travel and event experience, rely onAMS.

Travel is one of the most enriching experiences not only for your body but also for your soul. When you undertake a trip- be it professional or pleasure, there is so much that you get to soak in. Amalgamation of a variety of cultures, cuisines, traditions, and landscapes etc. give you a rejuvenating and soothing experience, a perfect getaway from the usual life. When it comes to organizing an event, lots of planning and scheduling goes into it to make it a success. We at AMS Conferences and Vacations take care of all your needs.

Why Us and Not Any Other Service Provider?

Simply because we value our clients. For us, client satisfaction is important and we ensure this through a humane touch. What’s different? Our approach towards organizing a perfect event for our clients and ensuring it is a success.


AMS Conferences has young, more creative and well trained team of professionals to find solution given to companies. AMS Conferences provide unique and the highest services with reasonable amount so that you can plan for your goals and offer insider connections and industry expertise along with the guidance.

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Amit Aggarwal
Founder & Director

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Megha Mahajan
Vice President


AMS Conferences, we have dedicated and well trained team. The team is an essential part of every business. Our team analyze and identify the business goals and objectives and implement and enforce the strategies the employees need to achieve success. Our team are passionate and creative towards their work and a desire to push the limits in everything we do. Here, Find out about our professional team with creativity who will help out to create a unique and the perfect event for you.