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Travel is one of the most enriching experiences not only for your body but also for your soul. When you undertake a trip- be it professional or pleasure, there is so much that you get to soak in. Amalgamation of a variety of cultures, cuisines, traditions, and landscapes etc. give you a rejuvenating and soothing experience, a perfect getaway from the usual life. When it comes to organizing an event, lots of planning and scheduling goes into it to make it a success. We at AMS Conferences and Vacations take care of all your needs.

Why Us and Not Any Other Service Provider?

Simply because we value our clients. For us, client satisfaction is important and we ensure this through a humane touch. What’s different? Our approach towards organizing a perfect event for our clients and ensuring it is a success.

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An award winning online media for professionals involved with the organization of meetings, conferences, incentives, exhibitions, and events. It allows suppliers and buyers to remain informed and connected.

Our goal is to create memorable travel experiences for our clients who truly know the place by discovering, gaining knowledge of the history of the place and most importantly a fulfilling personalized experience.

The highly professionalized and trained team of AMS Conferences and Vacations is known to systematically plan, conceptualize, organize and execute conferences, meetings, and incentives for Corporates keeping in mind the guests’ background and needs.

Each event is treated special, so every event undergoes detailed planning for smooth operations and customized tour package which has a unique itinerary.

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Free Venue Finding Service

Selecting the perfect venue is more difficult and stressful process for organizing program, meetings, and conferences here, AMS Conferences is always available to help you out by finding the perfect venue and location for you!


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